Actuarial Internship Program at MassMutual

Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company (MassMutual) has been thriving since the year 1851 when it first opened its doors to the public. Since that time, the company has yielded results through some of the most volatile economic times and changing market conditions. Helping people secure their financial future has and always will be their focus.  With the help of the actuarial internship program available at MassMutual, new recruits are learning what it takes to be successful in an ever-changing economy.

Actuarial Internship Program at MassMutual

The actuarial internship programs available at MassMutual  includes the Actuarial Student Program and the Summer Internship Program. Below you will find the program highlights for each internship as well as some of the requirements for eligibility.

Student Actuarial Program at MassMutual

actuarial-internship-program-at-massmutualThe Student Actuarial Program at MassMutual provides students with the benefits needed to complete and successfully pass the actuarial exams. Rotational programs allow students to be exposed to a wide variety of focuses and niches within the company.

A total of 24 months are spent in one of the business or corporate units, such as the Insurance Group, Retirement Services, Corporate Finance, Babson Capital Management or MassMutual International.

Students are provided with mentors to help assist with career guidance and coaching for exams. Corporate learning and development programs are also offered throughout the duration of the program.

Actuarial forums are provided so that students may take part in learning industry issues, business initiatives and business acumen. External seminars are often offered and students are encouraged to attend so that they can enhance their personal and professional growth with the company.

The requirements of the program are similar to most of the internships available at the company. Typically a BA or BS degree in mathematics, finance, economics or actuarial science is required with a cumulative GPA of 3.2 or better.

Solid analytical skills must be exhibited and showcased throughout the schooling of the student. The completion of one or more actuarial examinations is desired but not required. Students must also show a commitment to pursue a Fellowship in the Society of Actuaries. Requirements may vary depending on the type of program emphasis desired by the intern, but overall requirements are similar.

Actuarial Internship Program at MassMutual

The interns hired at MassMutual are assigned key projects throughout their time at the company allowing them to hone their actuarial skills with practical assignments. Not only do the interns gain insightful knowledge into what it is really like as an actuary, they make a difference in the future of the rewarding business as a part of the team at MassMutual. Successful interns of the program often receive a full-time employment offer upon graduation with excellent benefits and competitive salaries.

Highlights of the internship include a valuable mentor who is designed to provide career guidance, coaching, support and development to the student. The mentor provides valuable coaching that cannot be achieved anywhere else. Most of the time the mentor is a senior level actuary or top executive willing to share their personal experience and expertise.

Actuarial forums and luncheons are provided for the interns at MassMutual. Interns are offered opportunities to have lunch with senior actuarial leaders as part of their internship program to learn valuable aspects of the company, details about the profession and possible career paths and developments that can be taken.

Requirements for the internships at MassMutual are stiff and the company only accepts a handful of interns each year based on merit and worthiness. The intern must be entering their junior or senior year in college with a quantitative focus on math, actuarial science, finance or economics. A high cumulative GPA of 3.2 or better must be achieved.

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