5 Successful Actuarial Consulting Firms in the US

Actuarial Consulting Firms in the US

The fact that being an actuary is the new most popular career in the US, these professionals are very successful and so are the companies and actuarial consulting firms that specialize in actuarial science. These firms work towards attracting the best graduates from some of the top US universities that offer degree in actuarial science.

Considering their success and large size, they offer some great opportunities for the fresh graduates to learn everyday and grow professionally. These consulting firms are some of the most appreciated and highly regarded consulting firms when it comes to actuaries because of the quality of their services and the skills and capabilities of the people that they hire.

Which are the 5 most successful actuarial consulting firms in the US?

Willis Towers Watson

Willis Towers Watson is among the tops most successful firms that offer valuable actuarial consulting services. For those who wish to have shining actuarial careers, this is one of the best companies you would want to become a part of. Whether you are a client or a potential employee, this firm offers the best of the best in actuary services.

For clients, there is a wide range of services offered from pension benefit plan valuations to financial services related to insurance and risk assessment and mitigation. Towers Watson has earned this brand name in being the ultimate expert in actuarial science because of the holistic services it has to offer. From financial services to other issues, this firm helps businesses in implementing their objectives.

Wyatt Watson

Wyatt Watson is another of the many US actuaries consulting firms that specialize in actuarial science and has been offering its services worldwide for decades now, which has earned this firm a lot of popularity and regard in the financial services and consulting industry. It was in 2010 that this firm merged with another firm to form the famous Towers Watson.


In terms of meeting the technological needs of businesses, one of the best and most famous of US actuarial firms is Milliman. Its specialty area is the software solutions for actuaries. Considering the importance of computer skills and technology in today’s actuarial science, this firm can be appreciated significantly for being the supplier of the software solutions that have made the implementation of all the modern and complex actuarial science techniques so simple and advanced. The best thing about this firm is that it customizes its solutions to the unique needs and requirements of the businesses, hence creating solutions that have a high success rate.


Mercer is another of the actuarial consulting firms that offers consulting services related to finance and risk and its management. Whether it is mergers and acquisitions, partnerships, retail banking or any other organizational or financial structure, this firm has experts who specialize in finance and risk.

For actuarial valuations exclusively for businesses, buck is the consulting firm that has actuaries specializing in making a variety of actuarial tables, as part of their research and analysis of risk. They perform these valuations for future scenarios and their probabilities.