Allstate Financial Actuarial Internships

Allstate Financial Actuarial Internships

Allstate Financial is constantly looking for highly motivated students who wish to embark on the cutting edge career as an actuary. The summer internship programs available at Allstate are prestigious, meaningful and practical. Students gain hands-on experience that is relevant to their career as an actuary while giving them the launch they need to be successful with any employer.

The summer internship at Allstate Financial is an excellent way to provide a head start on an actuarial career by becoming a solid member of the Allstate team while working in a thriving and challenging environment. Students are matched to a mentor that has been successful in achieving and exceeding significant goals for the company. Some of the mentors are senior actuaries with Allstate who are able to leverage their personal experiences to help the interns gain insight into the career as an actuary.

Why Become a Life Actuary at Allstate?

A career as a life actuary with Allstate Financial offers a wide variety of benefits including a pleasant work environment, lofty compensation and bonus plan and favorable benefits. The overall career as a life actuary is challenging and meaningful. Students are able to hone their skills that they have learned in school and apply the knowledge firsthand to become a successful actuary.

Allstate offers a supportive environment that allows their people to succeed. They take special care of their interns and make sure that they are being mentored in a way that proves beneficial for their career. Allstate takes pride in their quality employees and rewards them accordingly.

Students who are good at mathematics and computer programming are able to do well on the academics required to become an actuary. Solid people and communication skills are also necessary to become successful in a life actuary career. Sign-on bonuses and tuition reimbursements are often paid for students who go through the internship and are offered a position with the company.

Highlights of the Summer Internship Program

While Allstate offers a number of benefits to its summer internship program, some of the most popular highlights include the business casual attire required for employees and interns, as well as the supportive work environment fostered by the actuarial managers and leaders. No longer do you have to report for work wearing a stuffy suit in the heat of the summer. The business casual attire provides you with a way to be comfortable yet maintain a level of professionalism.

Other summer highlights include competitive salaries and bonuses, along with retroactive raises for all examinations passed in May of each year. Fully subsidized and completely furnished apartments are also often offered to summer interns and those who accept a full-time position following examination time. Daily transportation is often provided to and from the Allstate office so that interns do not have to pay for bus or cab fare.

Other benefits and highlights of the actuarial internship at Allstate Financial include the educational workshops led by company actuaries. These workshops provide a wealth of information to the interns and are often open for questions at the end of the presentation. Allstate hires hundreds of interns each year and the networking done at the presentations, workshops and luncheons often prove to be very beneficial to the students.

Allstate Financial is on the look out for highly motivated candidates who understand and fit into the corporate culture they possess. Strong math aptitude, analytical and problem solving expertise and excellent verbal and written communication skills are a must as a life actuary at Allstate. The 12-week internship begins in May and ends in mid-August. Flexible start dates are available due to the variation in student graduation dates.

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