5 us universities that offer a masters in actuarial science

5 US Universities That Offer a Masters in Actuarial Science

Actuarial Science is the kind of education that requires hard work and dedication from you, because it is based on financial, mathematical and statistical areas. However, after putting so much effort in this education, you can rely on actuarial careers to be really rewarding.

Why get University Education in Actuarial Science?

In universities, the course modules for a degree in actuarial science are prepared in a manner to fully and thoroughly equip you of the knowledge and skills related to actuarial science. After getting an actuarial science degree, the graduating students are fully prepared to pursue careers as actuaries in risk management. This is made possible through the rich curriculum that universities offer for actuarial science degree programs. Getting this much knowledge and skill through self-study is not an easy feat and such level of expertise and learning is possible through university education in actuarial science. The exposure given to students in international methods and risk analysis and planning techniques is something especially available with university education. It is because of this reason that advanced degrees in actuarial science can take you to a very high level in your career as an actuary.

Which are the best 5 US Universities for getting a Masters in Actuarial Science?

While there are countless universities that offer on-campus as well as online degrees in actuarial science, there are a few that are considered to be the best ones in their actuarial science degree programs. Most of these are the universities that offer actuarial science as a major in the degree. This is what distinguishes the best ones from the mediocre ones, which teach actuary as part of other major courses.  Here are the best 5 US universities that offer a masters in actuarial science.  The Columbia University is among the top ranked universities with a Masters degree in actuarial science. Other universities that offer the subject as major include the Temple University Graduate School, University of Melbourne, George Mason University and the Ohio State University.

While the above-mentioned best 5 US universities that offer a masters in actuarial science only offer actuarial science as a major for the Masters degree, there are a few other universities that have their entire degree programs designed around this science. One of these universities is the Boston University. The university offers a specialized program in Insurance to the students. With this degree, the students learn all about financial instruments and their calculations. Another university with specialized actuarial science degree programs is the University of Iowa, which has been recognized by the Society of Actuaries as the Center of Actuarial Excellence in the US.

Another of the best US universities offering such programs is the Prude University that offers the Prude Actuarial Science Program that is sponsored by collaboration between the university’s mathematics and statistics departments. The Wharton School also offers a program in Actuarial science offering specialization courses related to financial risk and insurance risk and financing and transferring of these risks. Last but not the least is the Central Michigan University where there is a special Bachelors program, which can help you jumpstart your career as an actuary in the near future.