7 US Colleges That Offer Actuarial Degrees

7 US Colleges That Offer Actuarial Degrees

When it comes to actuarial careers, they are not only highly regarded and well compensated. They are also promising because of the growth opportunities that they offer. The job of an actuary has an 8-10% growth prospect.

Why the need for a College Degree?

When it comes to career growth and progression in career, it is highly dependent on the qualifications you have and the educational background and experience on the job and level of expertise in actuarial science. A degree in actuarial science is something that greatly contributes towards advancement in career as an actuary. It is because of this reason that it is a really good idea to pursue an actuarial science degree program.

Which 7 US colleges offer Actuarial Degrees?

There are numerous colleges that are offering actuarial science degree on campus as well as an online actuarial degree. This is mainly because of the huge demand of actuaries in the job market and their high rates of success at the job. The University of Texas Austin is one of the popular universities offering a variety of actuarial science degrees. The program at this university is widely popular and is highly ranked because of the long history of the university with actuarial science education and many of the top industry professionals being the former students of this very university. In the program, there are 4 core actuarial courses offered along with 2 courses related to actuarial foundations.

Boston University also offers students the opportunity to specialize in actuarial science with a master’s degree in actuarial science. There are 2-degree concentrations including insurance and mathematical finance in which a specialization can be chosen. These are holistic courses that teach the students all about financial instruments and calculations related to them and actuarial tables. Teaching about interest and financial risk analysis and management and portfolio management are aspects at the heart of this degree.

The University of Pennsylvania also offers a concentrated program in actuarial science and this is one of the highest-ranked of the many college degrees offered in actuary studies. The fundamentals of actuarial science along with the statistical techniques and insurance and its various strategies along with financial risk analysis are major areas covered in this course. There is also a thorough portion on global markets and their risk management along with the planning and designing of benefit structures for financial instruments.

The Georgia State University is also popular for its actuarial science program in which there is a short certification course for those who need basic education and for those wishing for more advanced degrees, there are undergraduate and graduate degrees offered in actuarial science. For a bachelor’s or master’s degree in this highly demanded and promoted field, another great option is the University of Wisconsin.

The University of Nebraska also offers various degree programs in actuarial science. These include associate degrees as well as Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. The University of Connecticut also features these same programs offering specialization in actuarial science.