Online Actuarial Degrees

Online Actuarial Degrees – If you are interested in pursuing a career in Actuarial Science then obtaining a bachelor’s degree and potentially higher education such as an MBA is a very good idea. There are many universities that offer specialized courses that will help hone your skills in actuarial

Why Get an Online Degree?

While there are many universities and institutions that offer an actuarial science degree, you also have the option of completing your degree online. There are many advantages to getting an online actuarial degree. One important advantage of online education provides you with a greater variety of universities to choose from. The reason for this is that it eliminates challenging barriers such as geographical distance and it allows you to work at your own pace. This means you can receive a great education related to financial risk assessment, mathematics & statistics whenever and wherever you would like.

Online Actuarial Degrees

There are many universities across the US and Canada offering an online degree in actuarial science. Actuarial careers are competitive and highly rewarding, which makes choosing the best institution for your situation and goals of the utmost importance.

The online degree you choose to pursue can have a huge impact on your future success within the industry. Although you will need to assess the best University for your own unique situation, listed below are five highly reputable institutions that everyone aiming to become an actuary should consider.

Five Institutions Offering Online Actuarial Degrees

The University of Phoenix offers one of the best online Actuarial Science degree programs in the United States. They offer a Master’s degree in actuarial science. University of Pheonix will have the right course modules to help you meet your goals.

DeVry University is another top ranked institution that offers online degrees in Actuarial science. They offer both a certificate program or a bachelors with a specialization in Actuarial science. They also allow you to specialize in financial analysis which will provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to predict and analyze risk and uncertainty.

If you already have an actuarial career and want a chance to further develop your skills, then a Masters programs is available at Kaplan University.

If you wish to pursue your actuarial science degrees at the master’s level, Illinois State University is an excellent institution. They allow you to specialize in subjects related to mathematics, statistics and finance. One benefit they offer is the opportunity to apply for scholarships and/or grants. In addition, they have a program that offers actuarial internship opportunities for the students.

Highly advanced online degrees like PhD are offered by Walden University. They offer course-based online PhD programs as well as Masters programs in actuarial science. These degrees can be obtained as a general Finance degree or as a specific actuarial degree.

What you can do with your online Degree?

After you have completed your degree in Actuarial Science, you will have many different employment options throughout various industries. Depending on your degree, you will be eligible for different positions. Senior level jobs being available for those with a higher level of certification.

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